The Environmental Citizen’s Advisory Committee (ECAC) was formed by the Health Department in 1989. The committee was formed at the suggestion of the Ohio EPA when chemical companies at Lima’s borders were generating a high level of concern among citizens. Poor methods of communication between industry, Ohio EPA, and Allen County residents had caused increased anxiety and fears for the health and safety of those living or working in the community.

To address this situation, citizen representatives were chosen by the Board of Health to meet regularly with the Ohio EPA and  industry representatives from the chemical  companies in south Lima. Memberships to this committee chaired by the Health Commissioner were to include:

  • Representatives from the Health Department
  • Representatives from the City of Lima
  • Representatives from Allen County
  • A medical doctor
  • Representative from Ohio EPA
  • Representatives from BP Lima
  • Four local citizens, Board of Health appointed members, from nominations from the community

Since that time, the British Petroleum Company has sold to other chemical companies. However, the committee continues to meet  in public meetings to provide open communications between Ohio EPA, local industry and Allen County residents. Meetings are held quarterly at the Health Department and are open to the public.


Quarterly Meetings 2015 2016 2017 2018
July  No Meeting