Making Your Appointment

Making Your WIC Appointment

Call Allen County WIC at 419-224-8200 if you are interested in making an appointment or if you need to reschedule.

If you are calling to make an appointment with Allen County WIC we need to input basic information into the computer system to make you an appointment. Calling us allows you to make an appointment time and date that is convenient for you and your family. If you want to know whether you meet WIC income eligibility guidelines before making an appointment, we can discuss that with you on the phone.

Haven’t been on WIC in a while or missed an appointment, but want to re-apply?

If you were previously on WIC and your WIC has ended please give us a call to schedule a WIC appointment. There are no restrictions on re-applying after missing appointments or after a long period of time as long as you meet the eligibility requirements for WIC.

Income Guidelines

In order to be eligible for WIC, the gross (before taxes or insurance come out) income of the economic unit, of which the applicant/participant is a member, must be less than or equal to the Ohio WIC program income guidelines for economic unit size provided in the following chart. WIC income guidelines are updated each year.

If the applicant actively receives Ohio Medicaid, OWF, or Ohio EBT and can provide proof, they are considered income-eligible.

Economic Unit Annually Monthly Twice Monthly Biweekly Weekly
1  $22,311 $1,860 $930 $859 $430
2 30,044 2,504 1,252 1,156 578
3 37,777 3,149 1,575 1,453 727
4 45,510 3,793 1,897 1,751 876
5 53,243 4,437 2,219 2,048 1,024
6 60,976 5,082 2,541 2,346 1,173
7 68,709 5,726 2,863 2,643 1,322
8 76,442 6,371 3,186 2,941 1,471

(Revised July, 2017)

Let Your WIC Nutrition Card help keep your family healthy!

The WIC Nutrition card when issued for your child or yourself contains basic foods that target nutrients that women and children are at risk for. The foods are aimed at giving children a healthy start in life that may lead to better health throughout their lives.

Nutrition cardIn 2015 Ohio WIC transitioned from issuing food benefits on WIC coupons to putting the WIC foods on a WIC Nutrition card. The WIC Nutrition card is a debit card that holds a WIC participant’s food benefits for the month.

Foods are automatically deducted from the card when purchased at the grocery store. The WIC Nutrition Card makes shopping for WIC foods easier.

Call and make an appointment at the Allen County WIC clinic to see if your Family can benefit from WIC Program help.


Allen County WIC is working hard to help keep children under 5 years of age healthy!