Public Health Nursing Background Information

Welcome to the Allen County Public Health Nursing division page. Here you will be able to find a host of resources to keep you and your family healthy.

The term Public Health Nursing was coined more than 100 years ago with the goal of providing community-based services to people in need.  Public Health Nurses often bridge the gap between institutions and communities by taking education and direct services to the people.  The first Public Health Nurses provided services anywhere people in need could be found including in their homes, workplaces, and schools.  Today, the mission continues and with new emerging issues, the role of the Public Health Nurse is needed now more than ever.

Visit the Breast and Cervical Cancer page to learn what services we can offer for breast and cervical cancer education and screenings.

Check out the Children with Special Needs page to learn the  resources available to  families of children with special healthcare needs.

Explore our Moms & Babies First (formerly Caring for Two) page to find out how you can benefit from and help reduce the black infant mortality rate in Ohio.

Browse our Clinics page to view the variety of clinics available to you for family planning, HIV/AIDS and STD testing.

Go to our Immunizations page to learn more about vaccine preventable diseases and how to protect yourself and your family. 


Reportable Conditions

To report a CLASS A Communicable Disease call ACPH and ask for the Director of Nursing.  CLASS A diseases must be reported immediately, therefore, if you are calling after work hours, please call 419-227-3535.

CLASS B and CLASS C Communicable Diseases can be reported during normal business hours by calling ACPH, 419-228-4457.