What to Bring

In order to apply for WIC, we need to see the following items:

  • Your WIC Nutrition Card (if you are currently receiving WIC benefits)
  • Your ID
  • A WIC application and health history
  • ID for each child applying for WIC
    • Ex. Social security cards, birth certifications, shot records, medical cards, or crib card
  • Proof of income
    • Ex. Medicaid cards or current paycheck stubs
  • Proof of address
    • Ex. Driver’s License or utility bill
  • Shot records for each child
  • Proof of pregnancy (if applicable)
    • Ex. Letter from doctor or clinic, pregnancy passport, or ultrasound photo


We also will need you to bring every child who is applying for WIC so that we can weigh and measure them.

The WIC Application and Health History can be downloaded here, or we have paperwork available in the office. 

If someone else will bring your child to the appointment, we need to have an Authorized Representative Form signed giving them permission to do so.

Your WIC certification will last 6 months after which you will need to reapply and provide all verification items again to continue on the WIC program. Between certification appointments you will need to complete a nutrition education and card reload visit.