Program Background


Under this program, plumbing inspectors ensure the proper installation of plumbing systems and ensure that contractors have permits and are registered and bonded.

Obtaining a Plumbing Permit

  Plumbing permits must be obtained through the Allen County Health Department prior to the start of work.
  To obtain a Plumbing Permit, the homeowner or plumber can complete the application at the Allen County Health Department and pay a fee.  The fee must be paid before the permit can be obtained
  NOTE: Homeowners doing their own plumbing must live at the residence and sign a notarized affadavit.
  Fees are outlined on the Plumbing Permit.




Information for Plumbing Contractors

Note: Any plumbing contractor engaged in or intending to engage in the plumbing business within the Allen County Public Health jurisdiction must be registered with the department.

  Annual Plumbing Registration Letter
  Plumbing Installation Bond Form
  Plumbing Contractor Registration Application
  Journeyman Plumber Registration Application


Find a Registered Plumbing Contractor

Registered Plumbing Contractors (Allen County)
Registered Plumbing Contractors (Ohio)


Instructions for Homeowners

  Instructions for Homeowners Installing Their Own Plumbing


Inspection Checklists

  Rough In & Underground Plumbing Checklist
  Final Inspection Checklist
  Shower Liner Test


Plumbing Regulations

  Allen County Plumbing Regulations
  Ohio Revised Code
  Ohio Administrative Code
  Regulation to Connect to Sanitary Sewers