Private Water Systems (Wells)

Program Background


Some Allen County residents are not connected to the public water supply and therefore use a Private Water System, such as a well. In these cases, our Registered Sanitarians inspect the systems to ensure that safe drinking water is available for the property’s residents.

All private water systems in the Health District’s jurisdiction must be permitted by the Allen County Health Department.

Under the Private Water Systems Program, Registered Sanitarians evaluate and sample private water systems. The Board of Health issues permits for the development of new private water systems and for the alteration of existing systems. These systems are inspected and sampled to identify possible contaminants in private water systems including bacteria, minerals, etc. as part of the approval process.

An important but sometimes forgotten issue associated with municipal water line connections is proper private water system abandonment. Unused wells that are not properly sealed after homes have connected to a municipal water line can create numerous public health and safety concerns.  They are also a potential contamination source to the aquifer.

To obtain a water sample for a property, please complete the Water Sample Request Form and mail, or bring, it to the Environmental Division office at the Health Department with the appropriate fee.

How Do I Obtain a Well Permit?

  1. Come to the Environmental Division office at the Health Department.  You do not need to bring any paperwork with you.  However, knowledge of the property will be required to develop the site plan.  The entire process will take approximately 15 – 30 minutes.
  2. You will receive two (2) copies of the well permit.  One copy is for your records, the 2nd set is to be given to the well driller.
  3. You may also be given a Job Status / Completion Form if the well driller is not going to connect the well to your home.  This form is to be given to the contractor who does connect the well to your home and this form must be completed by a Registered Private Water Contractor.
  4. If you are sealing an old, existing well, you may also be given a Water Well Sealing Report if the well driller is not going to seal the old, existing well.  This form is to be given to the contractor who does seal the old, existing well and this form must be completed by a Registered Private Water Contractor.
  5. When all required paperwork is returned to this office, a water sample may be collected by a Health Department sanitarian 48 hours after the new well is disinfected.  Water samples are taken to Alloway Lab  in Lima.  We cannot collect a water sample until we have received the Job Status / Completion Form.



Private Water Systems are potable water wells, ponds, springs, cisterns and hauled water storage tanks that provide drinking water to fewer than 25 people, less than sixty days out of the year, and have less than 15 service connections. These would include single water supplies that serve homes, small businesses, small churches, small mobile home parks or communities with fewer than 25 residents.

  Ohio Revised Code – Section 3701.344
  Ohio Administrative Code – Section 3701-28


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