Moving? – What to Do About Your WIC

Call Allen County WIC at 419-224-8200 if you are moving within Allen County.

If you are moving within Allen County, let WIC know what your new address is. We need to know where you are to be able to send WIC appointment papers to you for your next appointment. We also need to know what your current phone number is so we can call and remind you of any up-coming WIC appointments.

If you are moving to a new county in Ohio…

If you are moving within Ohio, to a new county, your WIC can move with you. When you move to your new county, contact the WIC office there, (link: WIC Offices in Ohio). They will request to transfer your information from us. If you need help finding this new office, click here for a list of WIC Offices in Ohio or contact Allen County WIC and we will help you with the address and phone number of the office at your new location. You can use your WIC Nutrition card, at any Ohio WIC vendor, in any county, in Ohio. The “WIC Accepted Here” sign indicates who is a WIC vendor or grocery. Your local WIC office, where you live, should also be able to give you a list of the authorized WIC vendors in the county.

If you are moving out of state…

If you are moving out of state, you need to know that you cannot use your Ohio WIC Nutrition Card, in another state. You can either come into Allen County WIC before you move, and we can give you a record of your WIC visits. This print out can be given to your new WIC clinic and they will use it to set up your WIC or you can contact the WIC office in your new location and have them request “transfer information” from Allen County WIC. Either way you can get your WIC transferred to your new location. Don’t let your WIC benefits stop.

Give Your WIC Nutrition Card back to Allen County WIC if you are moving out of state!

Nutrition card

Please know that we would like to have your WIC nutrition card back. You can either drop it off at Allen County WIC before you leave the state or give it to your new WIC office. The state you now reside in can send the WIC Nutrition Card back to Ohio WIC.
Call Allen County WIC if you are moving at 419-224-8200 and have any questions. We want to help make your move be a smooth one. Thank you for participating in Allen County WIC. We hope it has helped to keep your family healthy!