Moms & Babies First

General Information


Moms & Babies First, formerly Caring For Two, is an Allen County Health Department neighborhood outreach program that provides in-home visits during and after pregnancy(from birth through the child’s first birthday). The program is funded by a grant from the Ohio Department of Health called Ohio Infant Mortality Reduction Initiative (OIMRI). This program has been in Allen County since May, 2003 providing care coordinating services to eligible participants.

A Community Health Worker (CHW), along with a Licensed Social Worker, will provide these services. A Community Health Worker is a trained advocate from the community who empowers individuals to access community resources through education, outreach, home visits, and referrals.

Who is eligible? 

African-American, high-risk pregnant women who reside in Allen County.

What are the goals of Moms & Babies First?

  • Decrease the African-American maternal and infant mortality
  • Improve maternal, infant and family health
  • Reduce health disparities
  • Empower family resilience

What services and education are provided?

  • Home visits
  • Linkage to prenatal care and primary care providers
  • Comprehensive assessment and screening
  • Informed curriculum designed to reduce infant mortality
  • Healthy behaviors (nutrition, safe sleep, breastfeeding, immunizations)
  • Assist in the development of family goals
  • Referrals to community agencies

What kind of referrals do you provide?

  • Women, Infant and Children (WIC)
  • Healthy Start/Healthy family medical insurance for pregnant women and their children
  • Prenatal care providers
  • Pediatricians
  • Food, clothing, baby items etc.
  • Agencies who provide services to families

Click here for the Moms & Babies First brochure

For more information, please call 419-228-4457 and ask to speak to someone in the Moms & Babies First program.

More Information:

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