Solid Waste Handling

Program  Background


The Allen County Health Department inspects solid waste landfills, composting facilities, scrap tire facilities, demolition landfills, and generators of infectious waste. Refuse vehicles are licensed and inspected annually.

Definition of Solid Waste 

“Solid waste” as defined in Section 3745-27-01 (UU) of the Ohio Administrative Code means such unwanted residual solid or semisolid material, including but not limited to, garbage, scrap tires, combustible and noncombustible material, street dirt and debris, as results from industrial, commercial, agricultural, and community operations, excluding earth or material from construction, mining, or demolition operations, or other waste materials of the type that normally would be included in demolition debris, nontoxic fly ash and bottom ash, including at least ash that results from combustion of coal, biomass fuels, and ash that results from the combustion of coal in combination with scrap tires where scrap tires comprise not more than fifty per cent of heat input in any month, spent nontoxic foundry sand, and slag and other substances that are not harmful or inimical to public health, and includes, but is not limited to, garbage, scrap tires, combustible and noncombustible material, street dirt, and debris. Solid waste does not include any material that is an infectious waste or a hazardous waste.

For the purposes of this definition, solid wastes includes bulky items such as automobiles, car parts, furniture, bed springs, appliances, paper, cardboard, barrels, boxes, ashes, rags, carpets, glass jars and bottles, crockery, metal cans or containers, rubber products, tires, mattresses, and items similar to those herein listed.

Apply for a Registration Certificate

Call the Environmental Division of the Allen County Health Department at 419-228-4457.  Certificates are issued annually in September.


  Application for Registration of Solid Waste Collection Vehicles


Regulations & Guidelines

  Allen County General Health District Waste Handling Regulations
  Ohio Administrative Code